3 Series Massage Chair Assembly Guide


Step 1.

Lift the top of the box off. Cutting the cardboard is not required.

Remove the cardboard panels from inside the box and take away the styrofoam.

Lift out the plastic bag containing the instruction manual and a head cushion. Place it to the side.

Put the instruction manual in a safe place for future reference. We recommend reading the manual before operating the chair.


Step 2.

Unwrap the plastic from the chair. Do not use scissors.

Lower the plastic around the base of the chair, so the chair can be safely lifted out of the box.

This chair is very heavy and we advise for two or three people to complete the lift together. Lift the chair out of the box and onto a flat floor.

Take care when lifting so you don’t injure your back.


Step 3.

Now the chair is on a flat surface, grab the backrest and raise it so it is upright and clicks into place.

The chair will now look the same as in the image to the right.

The remote control is in a styrofoam box stored in the foot massager. Take the remote out of the styrofoam and place the remote on the seat of the chair.


Step 4.

Attach the head cushion to the backrest of the chair.

Zip it up from the back.


Step 5.

Zip the seat cushion to the back of the chair.


Step 6.

Plug the power cord into the back of the chair. Turn on the power at your outlet, then flick the chair’s power switch on (located below the cord).


Step 7.

Peel off the plastic protective film from the sides of the chair.


Assembly is complete! Enjoy your brand new massage chair.