One Life Therapeutic Massage Chairs are the leaders in health products, massage technology and design.

All One Life products offer you the ultimate health treatment.

Our designers have carefully studied the various health systems of the body and tailored our products to improve your health in every way.

Our products have been designed to help:

1. Reduce back and muscle pain
2. Increase mobility and muscle elasticity
3. Improve nerve-muscle communication
4. Decrease stress and anxiety
5. Improve lymphatic drainage
6. Increase circulation through all parts of your body
7. Improve your immune and nervous system

One Life is a premium wholesale brand, with a network of dealers Australia wide.

If you're a customer looking to trial or purchase our chairs, please view our store locater here to find a dealer near you.

If you're a business owner looking to become a dealer, please fill out our application form here.

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